Specialized Tax Services

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Let Mendelsohn and Gangbar tackle the details ― especially when it comes to your taxes. From individuals to small businesses, our scalable tax solutions can adjust to meet your growing needs. We can work with you year-round to help you evaluate your taxes and profits. Our advisers will ensure you comply with the rules and attain your objectives. We offer the following tax services:

  • Future oriented tax savings strategies
  • Payment to non-residents
  • Trust filing requirements
  • Capital gains transactions
  • Sale of the family cottage
  • Tax concerns on the sale of property
  • Purchase and sale of a business
  • Income tax implications of divorce and family breakdown
  • Asset and family valuation
  • Income assessment
  • Income splitting, tips and traps
  • Income splitting after death
  • Taxation of trusts
  • RRSP’s on death – opportunities for tax deferral
  • Death of a taxpayer
  • Leaving country
  • Pay HST
  • U.S. tax returns
  • CRA audits, assessments, objections
  • And much more…