Working closely with you

We use a hands-on approach to servicing your business, whether it’s large or small, public or private. Our team has have in-depth expertise gained from experience working with a wide range of industries. We know your industry and the marketplace in which you operate your business. We take the time to get to know you and your business thoroughly.p 3

We are actively involved in the planning and execution of the audit. Accessibility at senior levels and more face-to-face time with partners gives you direct access to the professionals most familiar with your business.

Building trust

Our assurance services can help you meet the challenges of managing risk, resources and information. We work with you to help you understand what the risks are and how to face them. Robust independence is a core value against which all of our services and people are assessed.

We keep you up to date with relevant financial reporting and related legislative and technical changes throughout the annual cycle, and provide you with the most appropriate advice to maximize the potential of your business.

Quality of service

Our audit methodology has been developed to meet the highest international standards and market expectations and are completed to the same high standards of quality you receive in Canada

Providing breadth and depth of service

We are a full-service, local firm. By interfacing with our tax and governance, risk and compliance team we are able to meet all of your needs with a comprehensive suite of assurance and advisory services.